Red or Yellow

Which material should I choose: RED or YELLOW?

What is the difference between RED (80 ShA*) and YELLOW (90 ShA*) bushes?

  • RED colour – hardness of about 80 ShA* – suspension components have a hardness similar to the original metal rubber bushes. However, the strength of the polyurethane is much greater, the unique properties ensure long lasting comfort and performance. Our RED series of products are recommended for all the “normal” car users who want improved stability and a better steering/suspension response. There is a lifetime warranty with our red series bushes, we are positive our products will fully meet the demands required.
  • YELLOW colour – hardness of about 90 ShA* – recommended for racing and highly tuned track vehicles. The suspension becomes much stiffer, reducing unwanted movement throughout the vehicles suspension. Extra durability ensures stability of the polyurethane suspension for many years
  • BLACK colour – hardness 90 ShA* – made on request (cost +50% more than yellow bushes)

The main difference between the red and yellow product is HARDNESS! Both materials are resilient to weathering, oils, grease, salt, acids, solvents, in both cases they are EXCELLENT! 

*ShA – means the scale of hardness. More information about Hardness can be found at